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Setting up and establishing a hospital successfully is a challenging & daunting task for any one, experienced or new to the industry. Due to the complex nature of the required infrastructure, which includes specific infrastructure design requirements, complex bio-medical instrumentation & equipment with a wide spectrum of choice, one requires a combination of highly skilled professionals in various aspects of infrastructure planning.

Parimal Projects has a total cumulative experience of more than 80 years in the Hospital Planning, Hospital Design & Hospital Construction domains. Contact us to know more about our offerings.


Hospital Planning

Business Plan
Project Report
Equipment Planning
Project Financing

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Infrastructure Design

Master Plan
Hospital Design
Facilities Planning
Elevation & Interior Design

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Project Management

Tender Documents
Vendor Management
Construction Drawings
Construction Management

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Hospital Operations

Operations Planning
Manpower Planning
NABH Consulting
Hospital Information Systems

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Featured Consultancy Services

Business Plans & Project Reports

The process of our collaboration starts with creating a business plan for your project. The business plan & the project report can be used as an effective tool to communicate with prospective investors & financing companies.

Financial Rollups & Projections

Financial rollups are very effective tools to help understand the possible incomes & revenues for the initial 5 years of the organisation. They also work as effective project roadmaps, both in terms of CAPEX budgeting & revenue planning.

Project Financing & Investor Relations

Hospitals are highly capital intensive operations, both in terms of CAPEX & OPEX requirements. Enhance your financial bandwith by inviting external investments to ensure that the company gets the financial runway required to ensure success.

Project Management & Supervision

Hospitals are highly complex infrastructures that require proper co-ordination between all agencies, including equipment vendors. PM teams experienced in hospital construction can ensure accurate, quality, timely delivery & cost control.

Operations Design & Departmental SOPs

To ensure proper & effective patient care, various departments of a hospital need to function in a highly inter-dependent operational envionment. It is critical to deploy well designed processes & SOPs to ensure a high level of accuracy as required by hospitals.

HIMS & IT Infrastructure Planning

Data driven decisions are the backbone of efficient management for any enterprise. Hospitals generate extensive amount of clinical & commercial data that demand a proper implementation of an ERP which shall help in creating an effective DSS for the management.

  • 10 M+ SFT. Healthcare Infrastructure Planned

  • 50+ Medical Colleges & Hospitals

  • 25000+ Hospital Beds

  • 350+ Acres Healthcare & Wellness Infrastructure