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A little bit about Parimal Projects

PARIMAL PROJECTS is a premier Design Engineering Consultancy and Project Management company. Parimal Projects is a single source company offering multi-disciplinary Hospital Planning, Design Engineering, Project Management / Supervision and Turn-key Contracting services including Comprehensive Architectural Services and Turn Key Interiors for Hospitals of all capacities in the Government and the Private Sector.

Parimal Projects has a vast cumulative experience in hospital planning, architectural & engineering design services including project management for construction activities involving various types of construction technologies. Parimal Projects has a total cumulative experience of more than 80 years in the area of project management in the Construction & Engineering Design domains.

Healthcare Infrastructure Planning

Healthcare Infrastructure Planning differs from that of other building types in the complexity of the functional relationships between the various parts of the hospital. In residential and commercial building types, the design brief is relatively easy to understand and cater to. Healthcare architecture, however, requires specialized knowledge on the part of the planner and the supporting engineering team. Lack of such expertise & inputs during the planning, designing and construction stage can result in a highly cost in-effective and inefficient health-care facility.

A holistic approach
to maximize impact

Hospital Planning | Design Engineering | Project Management

Like any other industrial venture, proper planning of hospital buildings & healthcare facilities is essential for success of the project. The optimal approach to design at Parimal Projects involves a whole system look at the facility, incorporating all aspects of design and all disciplines working together to find the best solutions to design challenges. Careful priority setting can ensure that an organization’s initial efforts have maximum impact and provide room to grow and develop the organization’s ability to steadily improve its functionality & efficiency over time.

Parimal Projects Advantage

Parimal Projects, over more than 50 hospital projects, has developed an in-depth expertise in various aspects of hospital infrastructure.
Parimal Projects has an experienced team of professionals trained & experienced in various aspects of Hospital Planning & Operations.

Quicker TAT

Parimal Projects offers a single point of contact for the Hospital Management Team for all their requirements in terms of Infrastructure Design and Project Management of a hospital. This ensures that the Promoter / Management team does not spend valuable time in research, market study, vendor negotiations and trials during the entire process of hospital setup.

Cost Saving

Deriving experience from over 50 hospital projects, Parimal Projects brings a cumulative experience of all our projects, thus ensuring that all the expenses are curtailed to the most essential and conforms to the current market rates. Hence you can benefit by the vast experience that Parimal Projects brings to the table.

Industry Best Practices

Parimal Projects team shall bring in all the required best practices in areas like Hospital Planning, Architectural Services, Engineering Design, Equipment Planning and Project Management, thus ensuring that the hospital management takes the correct decisions at the first instance. This also ensures maximum profitability possible.




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